Unveil timeless sophistication with the Poedagar Chain Strapped Wristwatch, boasting an active chronograph and luminous finesse.



Active Chronograph: Dive into precision with the Poedagar wristwatch, featuring an active chronograph that meticulously measures every moment, making it more than just a stylish accessory.

Luminosity That Stands Out: Be it in dimly lit environments or during a nighttime rendezvous, its strong luminous hands and dial ensure you’re always in sync with time, shining bright when it’s needed most.

Resilient Sapphire Glass: Life comes with its fair share of bumps and scuffles, but with this watch’s sapphire glass, scratches won’t be part of your worries. It offers unmatched resistance against abrasions, keeping the dial’s beauty pristine.

Designed to Last: Beyond its aesthetic charm, this wristwatch is a testament to durability. Every component, every mechanism has been crafted ensuring longevity, so you have a timepiece that ticks through seasons.

Premium Packaging: Each Poedagar wristwatch comes nestled in a refined box, accompanied by a chic bag, making it an impeccable gift choice or a delightful treat for your wrist.