S9 Ultra Smartwatch

Experience elegance and unbeatable functionality with the S9 Ultra Smartwatch, the pinnacle of wearable tech.



Diverse Strap Selection:
The S9 Ultra Smartwatch comes with a choice of three straps – a sophisticated chain strap, a sporty ultra strap, and a comfortable cotton strap. Swap them as you desire to suit any occasion.

Seamless Connectivity:
Make and answer calls effortlessly with Bluetooth v5.2 compatibility. Stay connected without reaching for your phone.

Crystal Clear Display:
Navigate with ease on a vibrant 2.02-inch touch screen. With a smart split screen feature, multitasking is a breeze.

Rugged, Yet Customizable:
Sporting a rugged design with a quick-action button, this watch is both durable and adaptable. Moreover, with 7 watch faces and 4 menu styles, your watch truly reflects your personality.

Power-packed Performance:
A long-lasting 5-day battery life ensures you’re always in the loop. And when it’s time to power up, do it without the fuss, thanks to wireless charging.

Entertainment & More:
Got some time to spare? Dive into built-in local games. Or, showcase your creativity with the TikTok remote control feature.

Health At A Glance:
With a heart rate and blood pressure monitor, you’re always in the know about your health metrics.

Wallet & Business Tools:
Carry your essentials digitally with the wallet function and business card features.

Enhanced Features:

From multifunction NFC to voice assistant and location sharing, the S9 Ultra has it all. Whether you’re at the gym or the pool, its IP67 waterproof rating ensures it remains your trusty companion.