T55 Smartwatch

Elegantly designed, the T55 Smartwatch merges seamless call functionality with robust health tracking for the active individual.



Step into a world where your wrist does more than just tell the time. Introducing the T55 Smartwatch, a harmonious blend of style, durability, and high-end functionality.

Stay Connected: Why reach for your phone when you can manage your calls directly from your wrist? Whether it’s making calls, receiving them, or simply checking your call logs, the T55 is your ultimate communication companion.

Direct Calling: Dial out and receive calls effortlessly.

Integrated Phonebook: Access your contact list without touching your phone.

Complete Call Logs: Missed, dialed, or received – view it all!

Your Health Companion: The T55 isn’t just about calls. It’s a comprehensive health monitor. Whether you’re an athlete or just conscious about your health, this watch is tailored for you.

Blood Pressure Monitor: Keep track of your vitals, ensuring you’re always at your best.

Heart Rate Sensor: Whether you’re working out or just curious, monitor your heart rate in real-time.

Calorie and Step Tracker: Stay active and informed about your physical activities throughout the day.

Durability meets design with the T55. Its aesthetic appeal complements its flawless functionality, assuring you that it’s not just another smartwatch, but the best choice for your diverse needs.