Experience rugged durability with a touch of sophistication: the G-Shock wristwatch, accentuated by a leather strap and secured in its original box.



Sturdy Meets Stylish: G-Shock’s legendary resilience meets the timeless appeal of leather. This wristwatch combines the toughness G-Shock is known for with the classic charm of a leather strap, creating a unique fusion of durability and elegance.

Authentic Packaging: Your investment is protected right from the start. Each G-Shock Leather Strap Wristwatch is carefully housed in its original box, ensuring its pristine condition remains untouched.

Crafted for Adventures: While its exterior boasts style, the inner workings guarantee reliable timekeeping, whether you’re navigating urban jungles or actual jungles.

Elegance for Every Occasion: From formal dinners to adventurous getaways, this wristwatch is versatile enough to be your constant companion, ensuring you always leave a mark.

Synonymous with Trust: When you wear a G-Shock, you’re not just wearing a timepiece; you’re wearing a legacy of trust, innovation, and craftsmanship.