Step back in time with the Casio Unisex Digital Vintage Watch, packed with modern features and housed in an authentic box.



A Nostalgic Journey with Modern Features: The Digital Vintage Watch by Casio offers a delightful blend of retro design and contemporary functions, perfect for those who appreciate the classics but live in the present.

Tailored for All: Unisex in design, this watch is perfect for every wrist. Its timeless appeal transcends gender, ensuring it’s a fitting accessory for everyone.

Key Features:

Precision Timekeeping: Displays time and date in both 12/24 hours format, ensuring you’re always on schedule.
Alarm: Never miss an important event or meeting again with its reliable alarm function.
Stopwatch: Measure time intervals with precision, be it for sports or daily tasks.
LED Light Display: The digital LED light background display ensures that the time is always visible, even in low-light conditions.
Authentic Packaging:
Each Digital Vintage Watch is carefully encased in its original box, adding a layer of protection and authenticity to your purchase.

Built to Last: Constructed with Casio’s legendary craftsmanship, this watch is not just a nod to the past; it’s built to accompany you into the future with its durability and perfect working condition.