Unleash next-gen versatility with the New Ultra Smartwatch, featuring three distinct straps and a suite of state-of-the-art functions.



Triple Strap Experience: Tailor your look to every occasion. With the New Ultra Smartwatch, you get three diverse straps:

Rubber Strap: Perfect for sports and intense activities.

Cotton Strap: Ideal for casual outings and comfort.

Leather Strap: Elevate your formal look with unmatched sophistication.

Cutting-Edge Features:

Dive deep into an ocean of functionalities:

Seamless Media Control: With Douyin Control, manage your entertainment effortlessly.

Personalized Experience: Lock wallpapers, preview dials, and access your recent task bar.

Health and Well-being: Monitor your blood glucose, track your metabolic energy (MET), and cater to women’s health.

Outdoor Companion: Never lose your way with the compass function, altitude, and air pressure metrics.

Daily Convenience: From medication reminders to call switching and even Alipay and WeChat payments — it’s all on your wrist.

Entertainment: Enjoy built-in games and the unique encoder zoom-in & zoom-out functions.

Connectivity Perfected: With Bluetooth one-key connection and QR code push.

Dependability You Deserve: Constructed with precision, this watch guarantees durability and elegance, ensuring it remains in prime working condition as your daily companion.

Efficient Management: Navigate your watch with the RDFIT app, designed to streamline your experience.