New 7-1 Smartwatch ULTRA 9

Experience the future on your wrist with the New 7-1 Smartwatch ULTRA 9 – where elegance meets exceptional functionality.



Diverse Sporting Experience: Tackle any fitness challenge with multiple sport modes tailored to track and enhance your workouts efficiently.

Your Sleep, Monitored: Attain optimal rest with the sleep monitoring function, ensuring you start every day rejuvenated.

Never Lose Your Phone: Misplaced your phone? The Find Phone feature is your swift solution, reuniting you with your device in moments.

Advanced Health Features: Stay ahead of potential health concerns with real-time blood pressure, blood oxygen, and heart rate monitoring.

Elevated Security: With a unique password feature, your personal data remains secure, ensuring only you have access.

Your Playlist, On Your Wrist: Elevate every moment with Bluetooth Music, allowing you to control and enjoy your tunes on-the-go.

Safety First: Find yourself in a tricky situation? Activate the 🆘 Emergency Call for immediate assistance.

Revolutionary Display: Experience convenience with the split screen display, ensuring you don’t miss a thing. Stay updated with the information reception feature, delivering notifications straight to your wrist.