The Piaget Wristwatch Leather Men Set: a symphony of elegance, yours for just 25,000 NGN as seen.



For the discerning gentleman, the Piaget Wristwatch Leather Men Set offers unparalleled elegance at a value that’s as stunning as the watch itself. Elevate every moment, every look, every day.

Signature Piaget Design: The unmistakable blend of precision and luxury that is signature to Piaget. A wristwatch that’s not just a timekeeper but an emblem of class.

Premium Leather Set: Embrace the comfort of genuine leather, melded with a design that’s both durable and timeless. This wristwatch isn’t just an accessory, it’s a statement.

Exceptional Value: True luxury doesn’t always have to be exorbitant. At just 25,000 NGN, experience the elite world of Piaget without breaking the bank.

Ready for Every Occasion: Be it a business meeting, a date night, or a casual day out, this wristwatch ensures you’re always in vogue, and always on time.

Piaget’s commitment to excellence is evident in every tick. When you wear this wristwatch, you don’t just tell the time; you tell the world you understand true value.